Getting technical support

For End-Users

If you are an individual using one of Tidebreak’s products in your organization, we recommend you contact your IT help desk or system administrator to resolve any problems you may experience. These local support professionals are often in the best position to help due to their knowledge of your network environment and the configuration details for a particular installation.

For IT Support Staff

If you are a support provider or other IT staff at an organization using Tidebreak’s products and need help resolving an issue, you can contact Tidebreak’s technical support team as follows:

Tidebreak’s support team is available Monday-Friday 09:00 - 17:00 Pacific Time. Support needs falling outside these hours can be accommodated by appointment.

For Technology Integrators and Design Professionals

If you are working on a project that may incorporate one or more of Tidebreak’s products as part of your system design and you would like to ask design-related technical questions about our standard products or custom solutions, we recommend you first contact a member of Tidebreak’s sales team. Our representatives will be prepared to either answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate internal resources. You can contact a representative as follows: