Deploy High-Performance Learning Throughout Your Campus

Deploy High-Performance Learning Throughout Your Campus

Make sure students can benefit from exceptional learning experiences in more than just a few classrooms on campus. By simply adding Tidebreak’s software, every classroom can be a state-of-the-art collaborative learning space.

Encourage Critical Thinking

Students develop problem-solving and other higher-order skills through interactions with faculty, course content, and each other. To support such learning, all students need to be actively engaged in course activities with technologies that help all students participate.

Invest in Scalable Solutions

Transforming learning on a campus requires more than just a handful of advanced-capability showcase classrooms. Forward-looking institutions need solutions that put appropriate technologies in every classroom, and yet can be cost-effectively supported at that scale. Selecting both the right technology and the right support model is crucial in any proposed solution.

Ensure Faculty Success

Just as students need to see models of best practices for collaborative learning, faculty need help in planning how to best use new technologies effectively. The way in which this support is delivered will largely determine the success or failure of transformation initiatives.

Spaces That Guide the Way to Better Learning

Tidebreak enabled spaces help faculty guide students through several different stages of active learning. Students learn to participate more actively and ultimately take responsibility for guiding their own collaborative learning activities.


Active learning in standard classrooms

Product: ClassSpot

Students stop being an audience and start participating interactively.

Start with any “standard” classroom on campus, which can be easily upgraded to allow students to more fully participate in class. Students learn to think critically about material presented rather than just passively observing presentations.


Team-based learning in studio classrooms

Product: ClassSpot PBL

Students work together in teams while faculty guide them towards best practices.

Adding team-based learning classrooms (i.e. “SCALE-UP” or “PBL” rooms) extends the idea of active learning, giving students practice working together in groups.


Team collaboration outside of class

Product: TeamSpot

Students work together in teams independently applying best practices they learned in class.

Once students have practiced advanced collaboration techniques under faculty guidance, they can apply these skills when they work in libraries, group study areas, and other informal learning spaces.

Help Faculty Be As Creative As They Want To Be

Tidebreak’s solutions support a wide variety of different teaching approaches, making it simple for faculty to engage students in creative ways to enhance learning.

Example A:
Interactive Presentation

Faculty can encourage students to interact with presentation content or augment it with new digital materials they develop independently. Students take a more active role in directing the in-class conversation, and the course content expands to include their range of experience and knowledge.

Example B:
Working “at the Board”

To encourage peer learning and in-class participation, faculty can call one or more students “to the board” and have them share their work or answer questions on the “teaching wall” screen while connected via mobile devices from their seats.

Example C:
Guided Simulation

Faculty can have students work in small groups to explore a variety of scenarios of a digital simulation. Students develop individual results, then share their findings with the class. These results influence a “master” simulation developed by the entire class and displayed at the front of the classroom.

Experience how powerful collaboration can be.