About Tidebreak

Tidebreak is helping create “next wave” interactive workplaces and learning-spaces around the world with technologies that accelerate team performance and fuel innovation.

Pioneering Technology Innovation

Headquartered in Silicon Valley and based on ideas first developed at Stanford University, Tidebreak is working to enhance group interaction with ground-breaking technology concepts. Our products create a unified user experience across the mobile devices and installed AV systems found in today’s collaboration spaces. We help groups:

  • Explore ideas using online resources.
  • Interact with one another around digital content.
  • Produce high-quality results in response to dynamic requirements.
  • Measure team interaction to determine the ROI of collaboration technology.

Playing Well with Others

Tidebreak is actively working to extend its products to integrate with a broad array of interaction products and software applications. Tidebreak holds a broad portfolio of patents and patents pending on our core technologies.