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TeamSpot ClassSpot ClassSpot PBL TideScope Analytics
Use Meeting rooms
Informal Learning Spaces
Interactive Classrooms Project-Based Learning Studios / Classrooms Usage Analysis
Description Unlock the power of real-time group collaboration. Designed with small groups in mind, TeamSpot creates high-performance meeting places that accelerate team performance. Create interactive classrooms students love. ClassSpot redefines “smart classrooms,” delivering flexible, engaging learning spaces where students and faculty work together freely. Build flexible environments that blend teaching and teaming. ClassSpot PBL supports project-based learning pedagogies where students work on team projects to situate their learning. Determine your technology ROI easily. An analytics dashboard and detailed data views track evolving interaction patterns within your Tidebreak installations.
Application Up to 10 users Up to 40+ users 5 (PBL-5) or 10 (PBL-10) teams of up to 10 users each All Tidebreak Products
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