High-Performance Collaboration For High-Performance Companies

High-Performance Collaboration For High-Performance Companies

Tidebreak adds “in-the-room” collaboration tools that transform meeting spaces into advanced co-creation spaces that enhance team performance.

Collaboration Challenges

Avoiding The Laptop Bottleneck

When a group crowds around a single screen while only one person controls it, it’s not collaboration, it’s a bottleneck. Wireless presentation systems merely make the screen bigger. Only Tidebreak’s interactive collaboration tools let everyone in the group get directly involved in the process of co-creation.

“Showing” is Not “Sharing”

When one person streams their screen content to a large display so everyone can see it, they are “showing” content. True “sharing” happens when everyone can not only see what’s on the screen, they can manipulate it and contribute changes to it.

Bring Your Own Devices, and Your Own Apps

Today’s workplace is more open than ever before, and teams use a wide variety of devices and applications to perform their work. High performance collaboration requires that anyone, at anytime, be able to share anything from any device. Tidebreak’s solutions deliver a coherent user experience that embraces the array of different technologies people bring to their teams.

Attention: Gone in 6 Seconds

Research shows that delays as brief as a few seconds can disrupt the flow of ideas in a group. For high performance collaboration, technology tools need to be transparent enough so they don’t impede the work flow.

Three Different Products, Same Exceptional Experience

Tidebreak products provide advanced collaboration capabilities for a variety of group settings. Our software is designed to deliver full-participation experiences and keep your spaces futureproof.


ClassSpot brings group collaboration capabilities into traditional training rooms. Instead of just presenting information, instructors can allow students to “work at the board” and contribute new information during class.


TeamSpot allows small groups to work collaboratively in meeting rooms, group work areas and other informal gathering spaces. Anyone with a connected device can fully participate and contribute to a better result.

ClassSpot PBL

ClassSpot PBL is designed for training rooms that support project-based learning. Instructors can move easily from an interactive presentation mode to a team collaboration mode, giving students experience working together on realistic project exercises.

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