"Deploying Smart(er) Classrooms at Smaller Expense."

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Tidebreak’s ClassSpot™ provides advanced benefits for faculty and students; its architecture also offers advantages from a systems management perspective. For a typical classroom deployment, a ClassSpot-based solution decreases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 41%, streamlines support operations, and reduces the environmental impact of advanced technology learning spaces.

Tidebreak shows how to leverage an advanced software architecture to produce richer participation and student engagement in the classroom. Replace AV selection-and-control features with sophisticated interaction capabilities to support collaborative instructional pedagogies that enhance student learning.

Learn how to:

  • Save 27% or more on installed systems cost
  • Reduce power consumption by 25%
  • Cut AV maintenance costs an additional 14%
  • Decrease downtime due to hardware failures
  • Slash custom cabling retrofit expenses
  • Leverage existing procurement agreements to save time and cost
  • Minimize required faculty training needs
  • Help campus staff deliver high-value services