"Cost Analysis: ClassSpot vs. Legacy AV Systems"

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An analysis by The Sextant Group (a national independent, Diamond-Certified consulting firm specializing in learning space planning and design) compared the cost for outfitting a state-of-the-art interactive classroom using Tidebreak’s ClassSpot software to using a traditional switch-based AV solution. The room design assumed dual-screen projection at the “teaching wall” and the use of laptop computers by students. A detailed analysis showed that ClassSpot reduces the 5-year technology systems cost by almost 40% and reduces energy usage by 1,600kWh/year, because ClassSpot eliminates the need for much of the hardware and custom interface development. At the same time, the ClassSpot solution provides a richer and more dynamic learning experience thanks to the advanced collaboration features the software provides.

Download the paper and analyze the cost savings for yourself.

This paper offers:

  • Side-by-side comparison of technology costs for the two approaches
  • Detailed cost breakdown by category
  • Itemized product list with unit prices