INFOCOMM 2015: Tools that Deliver High-Performance Collaboration

June 17-19, 2015
INFOCOMM 2015, Orlando, Fl
Booth 1979, Orange County Convention Center

Tidebreak demonstrates tools that deliver high-performance collaboration. Join us in booth 1979, located in the Collaborative Conferencing Pavilion.

Featured INFOCOMM University Session

Designing Classroom Systems that Deliver Exceptional Learning Experiences

Andrew J. Milne, Ph.D., CEO, Tidebreak
Thursday, 10:30am, Room IS44

Students’ schemas for “taking a class” and “going to class” have permanently changed and will continue to evolve in the next decade. Students already expect online access to high-quality learning content from a variety of devices, and they are coming to expect that class time will be spent engaged in active learning, not passive listening. To meet these expectations, AV professionals will need to design learning space systems that facilitate full-participation experiences for faculty and students and that embrace the variety of devices found in today’s BYOD environments. This session will consider the elements needed for exceptional learning experiences and discuss how traditional, transitional, and transformational technologies will play a role in delivering such experiences in active learning spaces.

Tidebreak Solutions

Tidebreak will demonstrate our complete line of different products, each designed to support collaboration in different contexts.

Huddle Spaces, powered by TeamSpot

Create richer, more powerful collaboration experiences that help teams perform at their highest level and achieve better results

Active Learning Spaces, powered by ClassSpot

Transform traditional, presentation-oriented classrooms into dynamic, highly interactive spaces where students take an active role in guiding their learning.

Team-Based Learning Classrooms, powered by ClassSpot PBL

Deploy advanced, team-based learning environments that facilitate fluid transitions between interactive presentation and collaborative team work all at a fraction of the cost of less-capable hardware-based solutions.

Feature Highlights

In our INFOCOMM2015 booth we will demonstrate some of the following technical capabilities:

  • Full BYOD support for tablet and smartphone form factors
  • A cross-platform solution for sending content from iPad and other iOS devices
  • Integration of interactive displays from any manufacturer with the session archive
  • A simplified joining experience for laptop users
  • A real-time team performance dashboard to promote productivity
  • DropBox integration

Partner Solutions

Tidebreak will highlight two partners who have integrated complementary products with our technology to enhance their collaborative capabilities.

Palmer Hamilton

  • Hive Team Collaboration Station: This integrated seating and working environment is engineered to make it easy to deploy huddle spaces anywhere. Hive allows you to create collaborative, private, social and teleconferencing spaces all in a relatively small area. Hive seamlessly integrates technology, including elements that complement Tidebreak’s TeamSpot software. Hive and TeamSpot together create a powerful solution that marries advanced technology capabilities with innovative furnishings design.

  • ReLoad Tables: Convenient, highly-mobile tables create untethered touchdown points where mobile device users can recharge using an on-board battery and USB charging outlets integrated into the unit. Variations on this table can provide A/C electrical power outlets. Perfect for small huddle spaces where people come together briefly to work on a project.

Sharp ELectronics

  • SHARP AQUOS Board: Tidebreak and SHARP have worked together to integrate our software tools together to create an integrated solution that makes it effortless to capture results and save them for later reference. Just write on the touch screen using Sharp’s included software packages; anything you choose to share will be saved to the session archive.

International Distribution Partner

Representatives from Princeton Ltd., Tidebreak’s exclusive distribution partner in Japan, will attend INFOCOMM and be available to discuss business opportunities.

About Tidebreak

Tidebreak Inc. is a global leader for collaboration technologies that help people and ideas come together. Tidebreak’s revolutionary approach to interactive learning spaces is pioneering new forms of collaborative learning.