EDUCAUSE 2014: Deploying, Scaling & Sustaining High Performance Learning Throughout the Campus

September 30-October 1, 2014
EDUCAUSE 2014, Orlando, FL
Booth 556

New technologies will have limited impact if they are only available in a small number of “showcase” classrooms; meaningful transformation requires that appropriately-equipped learning spaces be available throughout the campus. Tidebreak has designed a multi-phased system of learning space technologies that helps students develop higher-order thinking and collaborative skills as they experience different types of learning space. Tidebreak CEO Dr. Andrew Milne will discuss how the combination of technology and faculty development strategies can be used to create a sustainable transformation of learning experiences throughout the campus.

Experiencing the Latest Innovations in Learning Space Technology

Tidebreak continues to lead they way when it comes to supporting student participation and full interactivity in a campus. See the latest capabilities of Tidebreak’s advanced learning space tools as we demonstrate the newest features of ClassSpot, ClassSpot PBL, and TeamSpot at EDUCAUSE14. These will include:

  • SmartPhone Mobile Device Support: Students can connect and participate in class activities even if all they have is a smartphone. Tidebreak’s products now allow full keyboard/mouse control, file sharing, archive access and other features from phones as well as tablet devices.

  • Mobile Device Integration with the Cloud: Now faculty and students can access files they’ve stored in the cloud and share them within the room through a simple interface in the Tidebreak webclient. This capability means even iPad users can move general content around the room as part of a class or team collaboration session.

  • Screencasting from Mobile Devices: Software-implemented services now support screencasting from tablet devices to any of the public displays and launch within the Tidebreak system.

  • A Simplified Getting Started Experience: Tidebreak is working to improve the startup experience for students and faculty. The first phase in this effort has significantly simplified the join process for userss. Tidebreak will highlight additional work that is focused on guiding faculty and students to adopt best practices.

  • Universal Archive Capture from Interactive Whiteboards: All Tidebreak products now feature an interface (API) that allows any interactive whiteboard software to save content to the Tidebreak archive without special user intervention.

  • Real-Time Interactivity Dashboard: As part of a renewed focus on the learning experience, Tidebreak has developed a system that monitors participation and interactivity in real-time and provides visual feedback to promote good practices. An in-development version of the feature will be previewed in the at the exhibit.

Anticipating Student Expectations 5 Years from Now

Find out why students who will arrive on campus in 5 years’ time will be expecting to learn in a dynamic, interactive setting.

Meet Joey DiPuma, Director of Technology for Flagler County Public School District (FCPSD) and hear him describe how the student learning experience is being transformed as early as the 4th grade. FCPSD is deploying ClassSpot PBL in multiple classrooms in its elementary and high schools and has already seen a significant impact.

Says Mr. DiPuma, “With Tidebreak … all of the kids on the team can contribute which gives them a feeling of accomplishment, something that didn’t happen in the past. I see a genuine excitement for learning and the kids really want to share their results.”

Read the Flagler County Schools case study.