EDUCAUSE 2013: A Better Approach to Collaborative Learning.

October 16-18, 2013
Anaheim, CA
Anaheim Convention Center
Booth 1653

For almost 10 years, academic institutions have been deploying Tidebreak’s collaborative software solutions in their learning environments. At EDUCAUSE 2013, Tidebreak will demonstrate how a full-participation approach to collaborative learning differs from solutions that merely offer desktop streaming. Tidebreak’s philosophy of “Any time, Anyone, Any Device” means that anyone can share anything digital at any time during a rapid-fire collaborative exchange from any device they have at hand. Once shared, participants can then use the content to complete their projects. At EDUCAUSE, attendees can see for themselves the huge difference between the old-fashioned “presentation mode” of instruction vs. Tidebreak’s “active participation mode” of learning.

A dramatically updated mobile app experience

As part of the latest update to its family of learning space solutions, Tidebreak has announced the availability of its second generation mobile web application for ClassSpot™, ClassSpot PBL™, and TeamSpot™. The newest version of the company’s mobile web app allows students to collaborate during class using any tablet or smartphone with full screen control functionality and powerful information sharing capabilities.

The mobile web app has many new features that help increase student participation in the classroom:

  • Work “at the board” without getting up: Full keyboard and track pad control from a tablet or phone allows students to collaborate on the large classroom screen in real-time.

  • Bridge the physical and digital world: Capture and share photos of whiteboard content, physical objects, or images and then share it on-screen or archive it instantly.

  • Surf and share: Search the web for relevant content and then share it to the main screen, the session archive, or to everyone in the group simultaneously.

  • Navigate an enhanced design: A great deal of improvement has gone into the user interface which helps generate new ideas among students.

Tidebreak helps with successful technology roll-outs

Tidebreak’s staff will share details about recent case studies that the company is developing with the help of the University of Missouri, Kansas City (Law and Business Schools), Boston University (Physics Department) and Johns Hopkins University (Brody Learning Commons.) Learn how these projects have unfolded and how faculty and students are using Tidebreak’s software successfully in their daily activities.