INFOCOMM 2013: Real Collaboration means Full Participation.

June 12-14, 2013
Orlando, Fl
Orange County Convention Center

Real Collaboration means Full Participation. Experience the difference at Tidebreak’s INFOCOMM booth 1681.

BYOD Collaboration With Our Updated Mobile App

Tidebreak will unveil the latest version of its mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Now more than ever, mobile device users will have the ability to fully-participate in co-creation with their laptop-wielding peers. Come see the latest features and experience the difference when everyone has access to shared content.

Tidebreak CEO Presents the Future of Collaboration at the 2013 Projection Summit

Tidebreak CEO Dr. Andrew Milne will present at the 2013 Projection Summit alongside two other industry leaders providing collaboration solutions. Dr. Milne will contrast Tidebreak’s advanced technology to that of wireless presentation systems, arguing that “Showing is not Sharing” when it comes to real collaboration.

Advanced Technology Demonstrator

New at this year’s INFOCOMM show, Tidebreak will present an Advanced Technology Demonstrator that will highlight extensions of its core technologies in new directions that enhance collaboration. See how these prototype and proof-of-concept capabilities will change the way groups work together and offer your feedback on what features you find most interesting. Concepts on display will include ambient computing interfaces, multi-modal user control, and lightweight “edge control.” The demonstrator will be on display at the front of Tidebreak’s booth.

About Tidebreak

Tidebreak Inc. is a global leader for collaboration technologies that help people and ideas come together. Tidebreak’s revolutionary approach to interactive learning spaces is pioneering new forms of collaborative learning.