Libraries as collaboration destinations.

21st Century Libraries Lead the Way

Libraries are a leading proponent for digital literacy in communities and on campuses. The integration of technology and physical space is reshaping the library experience, reinforcing its role as:

  • An origination point for new ideas

  • An interactive learning space for young and old

  • An incubator for entreprenurial activity

  • A meeting place for community organizations

Environments that support new modes of collaboration

Tidebreak solutions change the way groups can access and share information so that everyone can actively contribute. Mobile computing, digital materials, and team collaboration come alive within the walls of the library.

  • Wherever small groups meet together in the library, TeamSpot helps everyone fully engage in the exchange of ideas. TeamSpot makes it easy to manipulate, co-create, and share information with everyone in the group, yielding better results.

  • ClassSpot and ClassSpot PBL make classroom spaces more interactive and engaging. Teachers and students take turns contributing new content, leading discussions and sharing classwork.

Flexible. Collaborative. Untethered. Futureproof.

Tidebreak’s products embrace flexibility and make it easy to respond to rapid changes that come with technology evolution.

  • Deliver advanced collaboration capabilities by augmenting mobile devices

  • Use any furniture solutions that match the character of the library space

  • Leverage the existing wireless network; no cables are needed

  • Easily update software to ensure a futureproof solution

Powered by Tidebreak™

Learn how Tidebreak is delivering next-generation solutions for library spaces.

TeamSpot — For small group collaboration

ClassSpot — For interactive instructional spaces

ClassSpot PBL — For project-based learning spaces