Our Vision.

Who We Are

Tidebreak is a technology provider creating products that enhance the way people work and learn together.

As Internet access and mobile computing become ubiquitous, Tidebreak products harness the potential of personal devices by powering interactive spaces.

What We Know About Collaboration

Some of the guiding principles underlying our offerings include the following:

  • Better outcomes are possible when everyone participates equally

  • Information mobility among a group is critical to effective collaboration

  • Cloud-based document tools share text but not interaction

  • “Group sitting” does not constitute group collaboration

  • Platform independence allows more people to participate

Why Space Matters in the midst of Cloud Computing

Physical spaces infused with mobile and installed technologies continue to shape the collaborative interactions whenever people gather together. While people access online resources in “the Cloud”, they often use meeting rooms, classrooms, and other workspaces whenever a physical meeting is possible due to the high-quality of the co-located group experience. Tidebreak transforms ordinary workspaces into powerful extensions of individual mobile computing devices.

Where Tidebreak Differs from Other Providers

Tidebreak builds upon a research-based understanding of group dynamics and our team’s experience in managing innovative programs to deliver technologies and services that address the “whole product” experience and ensure our customers’ success.

How We Encourage Your Success

We invite you to contact us and start a conversation about how our team can help you develop high-performance workspaces and interactive learning environments.