Tidebreak is committed to helping our customers navigate the complex processes of learning-space design, faculty development and institutional change management. We apply our experience in the planning, design and management of learning environments to help ensure the success of projects that incorporate our technologies.

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Taking a Strategic View of Interactive Learning Spaces

Successful implementation of any new technologies is not merely a question of installing equipment and configuring software. Tidebreak’s team recognizes there are key “non-technology” issues that affect the overall success of an implementation. Our specialists are available to help you navigate through some of the most critical challenges.

Putting Needs Ahead of Technology

Success starts with matching critical needs to the right solutions. Effective need-finding processes solicit input from students, faculty and other stakeholders, collecting information about both what they like and dislike. Understanding the practical challenges faculty and students face in adopting a new technology enables you to consider the design requirements for “whole” solutions.

Planning for “Permanently Unfinished” Spaces

The idea that one can “get it right” and walk away is a common misperception. Pedagogies, and technologies to support them, evolve rapidly over time, and faculty will require learning spaces that are sufficiently flexible to accommodate change. Future-proofing learning-space designs thus means allowing for a program of prototyping and continual interation. Our software makes this easier and cost-effective.

Assessing the Impact of Technology Investments

The ability to measure — quantitatively and qualitatively — the impact of learning-space technologies on interaction patterns sets the stage for informed decision-making regarding technologies as well as user orientation and support program needs. Measuring the ROI of your deployments allows you to direct resources where they are most effective.

Benchmarking Best Practices

No institution needs to re-invent the wheel. Benchmarking against the experiences — good and bad — of other institutions can accelerate your learning curve and better position you to achieve success. Benchmarking against institutions around the globe can be particularly helpful in identifying novel approaches.

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