Published articles.

A selection of published articles related to Tidebreak’s work.


  • Higher Ed Impact: Weekly Analysis - Revamping the Computer Lab.

    Academic Impressions
    Daniel Fusch

    “A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted a trend in which many US colleges and universities are either phasing out the traditional computer lab or revamping that space to provide more effective opportunities for collaborative learning and group study. The trend is a response to pervasive research on the impact of collaborative learning spaces on student success, and to the pedagogical shift toward more group-based learning. There are an abundance of models for state-of-the-art, forward-looking, revamped lab spaces. However, now more than ever most colleges and universities are needing to repurpose space while operating under tight budget constraints. They asked Andrew Milne, CEO of Tidebreak, Inc. and a leading expert on learning space design, for tips on finding relatively small but impactful investments toward transforming the traditional computer lab into a collaborative learning space.”

  • Entering the Interaction Age: Implementing a Future Vision for Campus Learning Space … Today.

    EDUCAUSE Review Cover Article
    Andrew J. Milne, Ph.D.

    EDUCAUSE Review published an article by Dr. Andrew J. Milne, Tidebreak’s CEO, as the cover feature for its Jan/Feb 2007 issue. The article analyzes how technology trends are shaping new thinking about the co-design of physical and technology-rich learning spaces and forecasts how these trends will manifest themselves at academic institutions. The piece illustrates how pervasive computing technologies are changing the nature of group interaction and affecting the future of learning space technology. Furthermore, it advocates steps that forward-thinking institutions can take to accelerate these changes to develop more interactive learning environments using available technologies.

ELI Learning Spaces e-Book

In 2007 the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative published an electronic book (e-book) on the topic of learning spaces. This work assembled a collection of essays and case study descriptions that represented state-of-the-art thinking and design examples. Tidebreak CEO Dr. Andrew Milne contributed one of the essays. In addition, several other authors referenced Tidebreak’s TeamSpot in their chapters. These chapters are linked below.