Tidebreak continues to advance the state-of-the-art for interactive workspaces. Here are just some of the innovations our team has developed to help revolutionize the way people can collaborate together.

Universal Client Works With All Tidebreak Products

Tidebreak provides a simple, consistent user experience across all its products, making it easy to switch between our products without re-training. A Universal Client means that single installation lets you connect to TeamSpot, ClassSpot or ClassSpot PBL.

ReadyClient™ — Plug-and-Go with a USB Drive

Visitors or first-time users can connect to a TeamSpot or ClassSpot Host without installing software by using a pre-configured Tidebreak Client running on a USB drive. With ReadyClient, users can get started quickly, even if they don’t have administrative rights on their computers.

Whiteboard Capture (From a Physical Board)

Using Tidebreak’s software with an eBeam® or CopyCam®, any writing or drawing done on the whiteboard will be automatically saved to the session archive.

TideScope Analytics™

Tidebreak’s Analytics package is included with our all product licenses. TideScope’s data dashboard allows system administrators to assess usage patterns to determine how Tidebreak-enabled spaces are being used. Analytics results help measure ROI and provide insight on user needs.

Self-Directed Orientation Materials

System administrators can download and distribute digital orientation materials that illustrate best practices for using TeamSpot, ClassSpot and ClassSpot PBL. These range from printable posters and handouts to online video tutorials, and include animated screensavers that illustrate how to make the most of the collaborative technology.

Flexible Enterprise-Ready Infrastructure

Tidebreak makes it easy to deploy and maintain installations across your enterprise by conforming to a variety of common deployment scenarios. Host configurations and upgrades can be easily managed using products like DeepFreeze™.

Pre-Loaded Lists of Available Sites

Tidebreak Clients can be pre-configured to list all locations across an enterprise or campus, so users can simply select a location from a list and get connected.

Enhanced Security

All Tidebreak products now support per-machine master configurations for enhanced security, so users can login to the Host machine using their own credentials. Each Host installation has a unique SSL certificate that is used to encrypt data streams, compartmentalizing each Host to isolate any attack.