The combination of ClassSpot and TeamSpot in a single package brings all the capabilities that these products offer individually and creates new opportunities when deployed together in advanced classroom configurations.

Spread out across multiple screens

ClassSpot PBL makes it simple to move fluidly from teaching to teaming, and back. Build advanced, flexible configurations of multiple interconnected display screens without specialized hardware or cabling.

Call students to the board

Students can share control of their team screen or any of the main classroom screens… from their seat. Keyboard and mouse redirection gives direct access from anywhere in the room.

Encourage student “web jockeying”

Any student can send digital content to the any of the main classroom screens. Using advanced configuration settings, students can send from the TeamSpot screen to the ClassSpot Public screens.

Make the room easy to reconfigure

Tidebreak’s software infrastructure reduces the need for hardwired cabling and switching systems, making it easier to reconfigure the classroom to suit different instructional scenarios.

Doubles as a team project space

Outside of class hours, convert a ClassSpot PBL space to support student project work with multiple TeamSpot locations.

Save information shared in class

Archived materials from ClassSpot and TeamSpot activities can be captured, accessed, and imported throughout the class session and then preserved for later access.