Tidebreak’s ClassSpot PBL package uniquely supports the interaction needs associated with Project-Based Learning pedagogies.

Move Easily Between Teaching and Teaming

The ClassSpot PBL lets faculty easily move from facilitated class presentation and discussion to collaborative breakout sessions, and back again.

Support Interactive Collaboration

Content shared during a presentation can be easily disseminated to spark discussion during breakout sessions. Information students develop in their breakouts can be easily shared when the class comes back together.

Encourage a Culture of Participation

ClassSpot PBL helps faculty promote interactive exchange throughout the class session, giving students the opportunity to contribute directly in both faculty-led and team-based portions of the session.

Advanced Capabilities with an Intuitive Interface

ClassSpot PBL makes it simple to access advanced capabilities with minimal effort. Faculty can perform simple tasks more easily and attempt more advanced activities that would be otherwise prohibitive.

Software Enables Physical Flexibility

Tidebreak’s technology enables physical flexibility, unlike traditional AV systems technologies. Flexible classroom installations make it easier for faculty to arrange the room to suit their instructional design.