An X-ray machine for your ROI.

The TideScope Analytics helps you to quantitatively measure, visualize and analyze usage data from Tidebreak-enabled workspaces. It gives you the insights you need to make informed design decisions as well as to adjust user orientation programs to help get the most from your technology investments.

Activity Summary

Scan a designated period of time to get a sense of when interaction is most intense. Use the Timeline menu to select and analyze different portions of the data.

Raw Usage Numbers

Quantitative tallies are given for different features used during the selected time period. You can export this data to analyze it in other statistical packages and data viewers.

Detailed Usage

Detailed charts show usage rates for specific product features. Graphs show data collectively and by individual user, allowing you to pinpoint what features have the highest impact on team productivity.

Activity Map

A comprehensive view of collaborative activity as indicated by the use of various interactive technology features. Time-based plot makes it easy to identify usage patterns across activity categories and users.